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"My Long Hair Journey"(Part Two)

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Hi my Lovely Divas! :) Maintaining my hair Long, Strong, Shiny, Fluffy & Healthy is NO-JOKE!! lol It's super challenging and it requires lots of weekly treatments and gentle care.  If you been following my Blog you already know that I'm doing "MY LONG HAIR JOURNEY" this requires me to use extremely Awesome products so that hair my grows Strong and Healthy. I'm so exctited to say that I have found my HOLY-GRAIL haircare products from Luxurious Alterna Caviar Rx, Phyto Age-Defying Serum, Dominican Magic Professional Haircare Line & Sibu Beauty Liquid Supplement/ Dietary Supplements For Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails!! These Amazing Brands are the reason my lovely tresses are Stronger, Longer, Shinier, more Managable, Well Nourished, And Fluffy!!                                    

 Here's a list of Hair Products that I swear by for the past Three Years, Explaining what's each brand function and represent::)

1.Alterna Caviar Rx Shampoo and Conditioner Dou: Repair damaged hair and prevent future breakage with CAVIAR Repairx. Prevents 95% of breakage. After just one use, 9 out of 10 women saw improved: strength, frizz control, softness & shine.                                                      

 2.Dominican Magic Professional Haircare Line The Dominican Magic Hair Product line is made using extracts from fruits, plants and vegetables grown in the tropic terrains of the Dominican Republic. Extracts from avocado, coconut, Aloe Vera, wheat, cinnamon, garlic and rosemary have been used in the Dominican Republic for many generations to provide essential nutrients and vitamins to dry, damaged, color-treated, processed and falling hair. The magic of these products consist of using the highest technology to extract and properly incorporate the right amount of these botanical extracts into the product formulation. These allow the nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair follicle, resulting in a healthy and revitalized hair strand.

3.Dominican Magic Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator:  Made with a natural botanical complex, this hair applicator is designed to increase the moisture and blood circulation of damaged or balding hair. It's natural ingredients will help to enhance the integrity of hair growth. Therefore, minimizing premature hair loss by slowing down the age process and strengthening the hair follicles.

4. Phyto Age-Defying Serum:  With just a few drops of this powerful and lightweight serum, hair’s strength and density will be increased. This prevents future damage and boost the level of melanin in each hair shaft, helping to delay the appearance of gray hair

5.Sibu Beauty Revitalize & Renew for Skin, Hair & Nails: Improves skin tone textures, maintain healthy skin, nails and hair growth.  For further reading about this Amazing Product  click on my Blog Post here! :)