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GellieBeans Gel Nails Starter Kit Product Review!!:)

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 Perfect French Nails using  GellieBean  gel nails Starter Kit! 

Perfect French Nails using GellieBean gel nails Starter Kit! 

Hi My Lovely Divas!! 😘 A few weeks ago I visited one of my favorite website Hautelook.com And I found this amazing company that specializes in at home gel nails.   The company is called Gelliebeans and I purchased There β€œCandy Jar” gel nails at home starter kit, with mini LED Lamp & 2 polishes from HauteLook.com.  This kit is so awesome it includes: Primer, Rock Bottom Base, Hard Candy Shell, No Sticky Finish, lint-free wipes, foil wraps, and gel remover/ cuticle pusher.  The mini LED lamp and polishes are sold separately.

Using Gelliebeans Candy Jar at home starter Kit and a white nail polish I did my own Perfect French Manicure designed with a Swarovski crystal right in the middle to give my nails that extra Diva Look.😍😍 

The instructions are super simple and easy to follow.  I'm talking about your nails will only take about 30minutes to just to get a professional looking manicure at home.  Because when you use the min LED Lamp your nail dry in like 45seconds.  And that's so awesome that I don't have to wait like 30minutes like regular nail polishes! 


This was my first time using Gelliebeans gel nails starter kit and I'm not a nail technician, But I'm super impressed with how my nails came out! I'm loving my Perfect French Manicured with a Touch of Bling! Lol Gelliebeans is Definitely worth a shot Because, the results was totally amazing!!

 They last about 2 weeks with no damages left to my nails.  As for the nail polishes they  are very tiny, but a little goes a long way.  I am absolutely loving Gelliebeans Gel Nails Starter Kit!! I highly recommend going to there website and giving it a try!!