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THE MASTER CLASS with Mario Dedivanovic

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 Mario Dedivanovic and I!! : )  

Mario Dedivanovic and I!! : )  

Hi My Love! 😊  So September 19th, 2015 I attended The Master Class of Kim Kardashian's Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic!! Yes The one and only!!! I was so thrilled and honored to be apart of this amazing experience. I feel that Mario Dedivanovic is such an inspiration to me he's such an awesome person. So it's no surprise that his master class here in New York City  was totally amazing!!!  

I wanted to attend Mario's Makeup  Master Class because I've always been inspired by his genius makeup skills. The way he does makeup on His clients like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez is just totally AMAZING!!!! I wanted to know his techniques and learn everything about his perfect makeup skills. I'm a Sales Specialist at a Luxurious Department Store in New York City and owner of Just Concepts Beauty Luxury Beauty Blog. Therefore I wanted to incorporate some of his awesome makeup techniques for my own personal use and also share on my blog. 

Mario did a full face of makeup from start to finish. It was so cool, because you got to see and learn what products he was using. I took 6 pages of notes.  And he did teach how to contour, which  wasn’t a lot of steps. He said he contours depending on his client.  One of his amazing techniques is to Blend, and Blend he starts with a little, and then build up.”


Unfortunately Kim Kardashian wasn't there but his Beautiful cousin was the model.” After the event was over There was a individual one-on-one meet and greet.  Which I was super happy to finally take a picture with him.

 The Swag Bag! Filled with lots of amazing makeup goodies 😍 

The Swag Bag! Filled with lots of amazing makeup goodies 😍 

Plus I was really happy with the incredible SWAG Bag that we received!!! I truly believe if you have the opportunity to attend Mario Dedivanovic's Master Class please do its a total Game Changer for any emerging Makeup Artist trying to get into this great industry!!πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’ž