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My YoDerm Review!

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 Your Online Dermatologist!😊 

Your Online Dermatologist!😊 

Hi there my lovely Divas! Do you have Acne, Dry/ Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Wrinkles or  Combination Skin? Well look no further! YoDerm is here to help you with your skin problem needs.  I was super excited to do a review for them because YoDerm is an online Dermatologist website.  Yes my lovelies an online dermatologist website this is so so innovative and convenient. 

Now my skin as you already know is pretty normal. My concerns are wrinkles I will try anything and everything to avoid them.lol  Being a Luxury Beauty Blogger has its Pros and Cons I try lots of expensive beauty products and  at times my skin  gets slightly dull do to the mixing of the products. And YoDerm was perfect for me because my first consultation was on my own time, and signing up was so simple and easy.  This review was important for me because I really needed to get an experts advice and prescribe me a product to avoid wrinkles, In addition to the perfect sunblock.

YoDerm is a website where you have access to U.S. board-certified dermatologist for a low fee of just $59.00. The price is amazing and you get a customize treatment plan made exclusively for you without visiting a medical office. 

The first time I went to see a dermatologist was a very long time ago in my early teens.  And will tell you that appointment it took forever and waiting is just so horrible and time consuming.  With YoDerm, I simply sign up, answer a few questions about myself, gave them information about my skin that I wanted the doctor to know, I took a few pictures and submit. Then the dermatologist reviewed all of my information along with my pictures and email me back with my personalized prescriptions. I LOVE YoDerm  It’s really convenient, especially because I just don’t have the time to visit a dermatologist. 

Dr. Kober emailed me  with my customized treatment plan.  Which was:

PM: Retin-A-(Tretinoin) This is a great medication for Anti-Aging/ Wrinkles

She also recommended over-the-counter Treatment EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46 to be applied every morning.     

 I am very pleased with the service that YoDerm gave to me, the product recommendations, and the medication treatments. I Strongly recommend Yoderm services Here is my referral link - http://yd.md/justconceptsbeauty

The link will give you $10 off your first consultation!   

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