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15k Giveaway Will Be Announced Friday! September 30th,2016 : )

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Hi There My Lovelies! Apologies for not announcing this 15K Giveaway much sooner.  I had some health problems during the summer time. Another reason why I wasn't really blogging or uploading images on our Instagram beauty page. Thankfully I'm currently taking care of my health. 😊 We will be announcing the Lucky winners on Friday September 30th, 2016.                        However due to the very low amount of entries,  (6 winners will be announced) instead of 15.  Please make sure for all who entered Our 15K Giveaway to use #JUSTCONCEPTSBEAUTYGIVEAWAY on our Instagram page (@justconceptsbeauty) in addition to email: justconceptsbeauty@gmail.com to confirm your entry.                                                 You can go to the original post for more details.                                                               Thank you so much for all who has entered! 😊 Good Luck My Lovelies!!😘😘.                                  **6 winners will be announced, September 30th, 2016**                                                      Kind Regards,  Maria Isabel Muahhh 😘😘😘