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Noodle and Boo Products Review!

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 Obsessed over Noodle & Boo luxury baby skin care products!

Obsessed over Noodle & Boo luxury baby skin care products!

Hi my lovelies! Today I have an exciting post for the beautiful moms & moms to be! :) It's about my most favorite luxury baby skincare brand called Noodle & Boo. I started using Noodle & Boo in 2010 when my son Jayden was born. I was immediately obsessed with there amazing high quality products and wonderful signature creme douce scent! I still purchase there products because it's absolutely wonderful! I was so happy to hear that I was offered the opportunity to review products for Noodle & Boo.  

 Noodle & Boo is the leader in Luxury Baby Skincare they offer a wide range of products from Maternity, Baby Haircare, Skincare, Bath, & products for Sensitive Skin. Christine Burger founded Noodle & Boo Inspired by her children to develop products for sensitive skin. The products are made here in the  U.S.A, clinically safe, effective & pediatrician recommended.  They only use high-quality ingredients that will nourish, replenish and protect your baby's delicate and sensitive skin. Here are the beautiful gifts that I recently received complimentary from Noodle & Boo!                            

 Noodle & Boo's Delicate Baby Powder is made with pure cornstarch and wholesome oatmeal. Made to absorb excess moisture and leave your baby skin smooth and fresh. In addition it contains Aloe Vera and allantoin which is known for its anti- inflammatory properties. 

Noodle & Boo's Ultimate Ointment is the best Multi purpose ointment there is. Is a must have for Babies when they have irritated skin. It's non-allergic and non- irritating formula makes it safe for newborn and toddlers. I use it on my son for scrapes or when he has a little scratch.  It's fragrance free perfect for diaper rash, chapped and cracked skin.  In addition it contains vitamins B and E which helps hydrate the skin.         

 I highly highly!!! Recommend purchasing Noodle & Boo, they are the very best for you & your baby! 

Noodle & Boo is available online at www.noodleandboo.com and Luxury Department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus.

 *Disclaimer: "This was a sponsored post by Noodle & Boo LLC for testing purposes!"

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